OUE Skyspace LA

360° projection, motion tracking, responsive lighting

We designed and implemented a 360° projection theater which tracked visitors via a series of cameras in the ceiling and responded with 3D animations and LED lighting. An adjacent disused elevator shaft reflected visitor silhouettes as a swirl of particles for selfies. In between, an infinity mirror lit up when guests walked on it, with custom lighting schemes for every occasion. A custom show control system tied it all together and let staff run the exhibits from a tablet.

My role: I coordinated a team of freelance and full-time software engineers, hardware integrators, and testers. My own tools were used for deployment and support, and I engineered the show control system. I was the primary technical interface between engineering, creative, and the client.

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Client: Stimulant for OUE Skyspace

Technologies: openFrameworks, C++, Node.js, JavaScript, WebGL, depth cameras