City of Hope Museum

touch screens, LED effects, 3D microsite, CMS

A series of exhibits on the outside and inside of a custom fiberglass form. Three touch screens present a network of related stories, each on a given theme. Stories display on top of an ambient background which is synchronized between the touch screens and the LEDs spanning the spaces between them. The meditative space within the sculpture presents a wishing tree rendered in realtime 3D, which is also available on the museum website. All content is editable by museum staff by via a third-party CMS installation.

My role: I coordinated a team of freelance and full-time software engineers, hardware integrators, and testers. My own tools were used for deployment and support. I was the primary technical interface between engineering, creative, and the client.

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Client: Stimulant, for Gallagher & Associates, for City of Hope

Technologies: Node.js, JavaScript, WebGL, Chromium, openFrameworks, C++, third-party CMS